In the Sprachpunkt Frankfurt and inhouse
Get to know your voice and experience in an inspiring workshop a good assessment of your current communication in terms of voice, language, presence and body language.
Take benefit from a helpful voice-body and movement analysis and get equipped in a short time for your big performance!
Use current insights from the body-movement-, and voiceresearch for your current project and beyond!
Try out the presentation, the self-assured appearance, the self-confident interview you are looking for!
  • Motion analysis
  • Voice and speech analysis
  • Cocal coaching
  • Improvisation
  • Promoting a good posture and physical looseness
  • Awareness of nonverbal communication (facial expressions, gestures)
  • Work on the arc of tension
  • Helpful relaxation techniques

In addition: Presentation techniques, scripting for entry  and exit, as well as appropriate communication skills for various settings.

Anyone who is aware of himself, in terms of voice, language and demeanor, can not do anything wrong anymore. With this looseness and freedom from anxiety and unnecessary tension I would like to equip you – in a short time.

For further questions, the personal coaching offers. Read on here.

The workshops take place at the Sprachpunkt Frankfurt and inhouse.

Workshop dates in individual training by appointment. Usually customers book intensive packages with a series of longer individual appointments. Call for more information.

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