Day Seminars

Day-, Halfday seminars / Impulse workshops are available

  • to prepare for important presentation appointments, job interviews or e.g. to participate in an assessment center
  • to prepare for and as part of designing events on management level


  • Use sitting, standing and walking for your daily fitness and agility
  • Get to know your voice
  • Learn a good assessment of your “current” communication, including language and vocal expression and also body language
  • Experience a holistic reflection and discussion of a critical aspect / of a communication-relevant topic and find already first solution approaches
  • Build up body knowledge and already test much for your later successful presentation, the self-confident appearance or job interview


  • Holistic communication analysis – involving the body, mental activity and emotion / motivation
  • Free vocal sound experience according to functional voice training
  • Body vocal improvisation work
  • Motion analysis
  • Body alignment, body work according to F.M. Alexander, breathing well, introduction to suitable relaxation techniques
  • Mental work / Free reflection / creativity techniques
  • Speech analysis / language coaching / scripting / speech theater
  • Holistic discussion of a critical topic in communication

We work methodically open and according to the resources, limits and wishes of the participants. Again and again I experience aha moments with my customers, who knew nothing of some of their talents and circumstances!

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