Workshops & Seminars

Individual trainings for quick success

Workshops & Seminars
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Get to know your voice and experience in an inspiring workshop a good assessment of your current communication in terms of voice, language, presence and body language.
Experience a holistic reflection and discussion of a critical aspect / of a communication-relevant topic and find already first solution approaches.
Build up appropriate body knowledge in a relaxed and free atmosphere.
Try out the presentation, the self-confident appearance, the self-confident and confident job interview.

This format is suitable for preparing for important presentation appointments, job interviews or even in the context of an application process. Process coaching will be enhanced by workshops to deepen what has been learned. The workshops are offered in German and fluent English.

"Ms. Kliche succeeds in delivering broad content in individual workshops quickly and in a timely manner - from Business English to Personality Development to Voice Coaching - and with a great learning experience that is fun, her warm and professional manner of working inspires and motivates." Participant Communication Workshop, Nov 2018


Bring your topic with you and experience

  • Helpful holistic communication analysis
  • Body experience / posture observation
  • Voice Training / Breathing Experience
  • Coaching on motivation and presetting
  • System consulting