Voice Coaching

We might connect our voice with movement in a variety of ways.
This experience fundamentally freed my voice and speech.

Our voice is closely connected with our body events. What
does it take for a free vocal performance, free speech?

  • A loose body tone (tension), starting at the chin and jaw area
  • Admitting and experiencing resonance in different regions of the body
  • The physical flexibility and the idea of ​​it and
  • overall an awake perception of the different levels of our self on the body – energetic and the mental-emotional – level

It needs enough self-awareness and self-regulation to communicate accordingly. This is also not about a program to be learned or even a “masquerade” that can not be internalized by the participants and finally will be forgotten a little later, but to build on existingown body-voice-language patterns and about the offer of new opportunities – all in all, finding your own, authentic, powerful voice that is at homein a living body that isready to moveand to move freely. Once the good perception of this has arisen, further systemic communication work becomes realistic.

The body-voice-speech patterns are built up very early. It takes some time and sensitivity to get to know and expand them.

My clients tell me that they no longer lose the experience they have made in the coaching and that they have learned something, that they are constantly expanding, connecting with their areas of life and work – a process that goes on beyond the time of our joint work. As part of the process-oriented coaching, there is enough time to look at the aspects together again and again. The customer takes many tools with him, a new attitude and in particular a different view, new questions and ways to explore.

The coaching includes first as needed elements of the “functional voice training”, which wants to familiarize the participants in a playful and exploratory way with themselves and their voice, their tonal expression, the limitations and always existing, but still unexhausted possibilities. This, however, never as a “program”. The vocal or speaking sound work serves the playful self-experience. During my formations in this area, I was focused on the speaking voice, especially on speaking and modulation.

The resonance and sound spaces can also be experienced in the vocal-body work in which I work with the customer on the piano. This method is holistic and involves movement, breath, voice, sound and the entire space.

The experiences made in the sequences – often after previous reflection / bodywork / respiratory sensitization – are often amazing for my clients and overall fruitful for the coaching. It is about to get equipped with a knowledge of the “re-integration” of speech and sound, e.g. through the experience of the resonance spaces in the body.

Recently, at the end of a coaching session, one customer told me that he found it amazing that he could now easily change his voice without having done much vocal work with me. This, he felt, would be due to the diversity of the offer, the holistic setting that these changes would produce. His statement confirms my experience over several years that voice variability and voice strength can be approached and motivated by much more than just pure voice training, so that the changes can be stored permanently and are constantly “retrievable” spontaneously.

Pure voice training is therefore not offered, instead one, the communication mutually appealing coaching.

The body-vocal work of Heini Nukari “Body is voice” has significantly influenced my way of working and deepened my knowledge that the voice is part of the physical expression. To invite the sound experience of the body in connection with movement again and again relaxed and liberates us! Reviving the free “doing”.

How did our erection work with our thinking?

Can we change our attitude through our thinking? “Body Alignment means the erection or alignment of the body, and the method achieves sustained optimization of posture and movement patterns, making the body more flexible, protecting the joints and making the movement more economical and graceful.” (Newdance Freiburg) This method is included in every coaching session, so to speak, as the link between reflection and voice experience. It equips my customers as a side-effect and intertwines with the prevailing topics and issues holistically with body knowledge and awareness that is no longer lost.

Körperliche Aufrichtung

If we walk, stand and sit upright, this changes our own view on us and our thoughts and actions. We are subsequently perceived differently by others and our room for maneuver expands – effortlessly. 

This is where my experience and my knowledge of the Alexander Technique according to F.M. Alexander, a psychophysical holistic way of working for the fundamental harmonization of body, mind and emotion flows in as well.

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