Voice Coaching

Voice speaking personality

What it's about

  • Breathing, voice and speech coaching
  • Increasing of the body and voice perception
  • Body work u.a. acc. to F.M. Alexander / Body Alignment
  • How to relax when speaking an in general

The idea behind it

The experience of connecting the voice with the body, by perceiving it as connected from the inside, has greatly expanded my perception of voice and speech. With the help of functional voice training and the experiences in my further education with body-work I have extended and changed my work and approach. My own tune life changed, it became light, which impressed me a lot. I’m glad to pass this on.

Experience your own voice - and yourself

First of all, the coaching includes elements of Functional Voice Training, which want to familiarize the participants in a playful and exploratory way with themselves and their voices, their tonal expression, the limitations and always existing, but still unexhausted possibilities. This, however, not everything as a “program”. The vocal or speaking sound work serves the playful self-experience. During my training in this area, I was always focused on the speaking voice, here I am specialized in speaking and modulation.The “intro” to the pure voice coaching builds always a systemic and holistic reflection, one might say, as a basis.

When laxity and relaxation is taken with into relevant communication situations, the speech gets animated what appeals to our counterpart without any spoken word. Get to know interesting ways to your resonant, sonorous voice and apply them soon! You will be equipped with rich tools and situational ideas to become vocally successful and to accompany yourself and others better along the way.

You do not need any prior knowledge of voice coaching – necessary is only the interest in development and enjoyment of self-experience.