Voice and Speech

Voice and Speech Coaching – Frankfurt am Main/RheinMain

This Voice Coaching is a Professional Coaching  and an integrative training.

The target group are executives, specialists, self-employed persons and young talents who just speak English proficient. If you want to develop your body, voice- and language repertoire, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

This coaching is usually process oriented and results in longterm changes after a couple of months.

  • Experience your voice consciously and use it thereby effectively
  • Learn on the basis of a comprehensive creative voice analysis to use your voice variable yet situationally appropriate
  • Learn to develop a good relaxed internal state, as well as physical perception and attitude as the basis for a good and effective speaking
  • Understand the current linguistic or oral expression as a reference for your own state and proceed accordingly aware with the situation – You can find your way to see your voice as a resource!
  • Get to know deeper responding “layers” of your body in the holistic and systemic oriented voice training and experience a restorative reference while speaking through focussing on this basis
  • Read your own body language and allow your body to regulate itself and thereby to be authentic
  • Use your voice professionally and personally so that you do not get tired, but rather gain power through a conscious and invigorating voice onset – Bring your message over!
  • Learn how to sell your product ( … we all sell our products) with passion and spirit! 
  • Communicate vocally content, spontaneous, productive and cooperative. Draw from a rich pool of ideas! Expand your repertoire playful !
  • and more

  • Self-conscious linguistic appearance
  • Correspondence between language, body posture and facial expressions gestures
  • Experience of ones own sound spectrum / getting to know new timbres
  • Reasonable voice onset – Good and clear pronunciation
  • Strengthen the resonance-way speaking
  • An overall secure communication behavior
  • Linguistically effective and fair communication


The methods are applied individually and are loosely embedded in the counseling process depending on the orientation of the coaching sessions and the situational needs of the participants. They have their basis in humanistic psychology and are always on the latest level of the respective discipline by continuing training of the coach.

  • Secure and proficient English, at best English as the mother tongue
  • Interest in integrative, holistic work