Personal Coaching in English

Core of the personal coaching is

Personality, appearance, impact, charisma and assertiveness

It is intended for managers and professionals, self-employed and educators, as well as individuals who want to be self-conscious and effective communicatively.

The emotionally stimulating, trust-building and process-oriented personal coaching gives the coachee a lot of space within a work of several months to bring himself and his subjects over and over again in and to develop a good sense of “self” as well as a high self-awareness and to be communicatively secure. The holistic work allows him a gestalt process and, consequently, new ways soon.


The loosely presented methods are applied individually and come from

  • Humanistic psychology
  • Gestalt work
  • Systemic work
  • Voice training
  • Improvisation
  • Bodywork
  • Energy work – body-oriented 

  • Experience yourself asequal– we explore the basic feeling of ones “own self-worth”
  • Equal, confident appearance – what does this mean physically, mentally, emotionally?
  • Structuring the communication – setting limits, saying “No”
  • Being present for the other person, is this also about posture, eye contact and a resonant, conscious voice
  • Learn how to deal well with your own insecurity and find new ways in conflict situations
  • Support in decision-making processes

  • Knowledge of your language history / own history
  • A comprehensively good self-awareness and awareness
  • Adequate, situational appropriate body language, gestures and facial expressions
  • Ability to authenticity and presence
  • Linguistic security and creativity, e.g. in lectures or speeches / ability to convince / The ability to actively listen
  • Safe and resonant voice / Good communication / Ability to engage in partnership and empathy
  • New, individually fitting body knowledge / New scientific findings on mindfulness and meditation
  • Many suggestions for relaxation, deceleration and finding your own rhythm


It’s about a process of getting involved, less about “exercises”. In an invigorating, inspiring reflection, you will get to know yourself and find new, amazingly easy ways to act differently, to position oneself, to be present. Your topics “lead” the coaching!

Business topics are not in focus in this coaching format and are still valuable,
they can be addressed on the edge!

Book a free conversation on the phone and we talk about your goals and individual topics.

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