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Make the audience curious with a powerful start, get the ball rolling and keep it moving! Build an interesting suspense and the art of successful completion .... that's what it's all about here!

We involve voice, language, body, and expression, working on uncertainties that may have their origins in shallow breathing or lack of contact with the ground and too much tension. We strengthen your presence by the experience of the physical erection and the gentle steady breathing, by getting to know the active circles in the body, from the muscles over the supporting skeleton to the flexible breathing space.

We also pay attention to the language, it is about volume, pressure, clarity and the scope of the words you choose.

  • Trainer input
  • Presentation techniques
  • Voice training & language coaching
  • Telaxation techniques
  • Working on the whiteboard
  • Gestalt

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A lively communication invites, inspires, fits! It also deals with aspects such as identity, integrity, character, inner issues, the ability to relax.

Take a new picture with you. What would you like to achieve with your talk, presentation or performance? How do you want to go out? How do you want the audience to experience you?

Depending on the question and other topics, the presentation coaching includes 5-10 hours as an accompaniment or in intensive appointments. The coaching takes place in the linguistic point Frankfurt and Inhouse. I will make you an offer after a telephone call. Make an appointment via contact form. Many Thanks!

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