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Successful communication means communicating with others in an interesting and fair way. To reach the other in a relaxed way.

Successful communication corresponds with inner clarity, goal orientation and at the same time readiness to relax. Solid knowledge and understanding of communication in general, as well as a repertoire of effective ways of expression become valuable companions on the way.

Develop a healthy assertiveness and solid negotiating security with this equipment. Become eloquent!

To be able to experience one’s own resonant voice, thereby building up security, speaking without pressure, sounding and arriving, convincing and winning the opponent – effortlessly.

Find your own voice.

Successful leading with a self-confident communication, presenting the company successfully, human and beneficial acting in the team. Development with each training session.

The way: Identification of development issues that are in contact with one another professionally and non-professionally. Exploration and weighting of conflict issues between coachee and third parties. Goals and aspirations are put in perspective and put to the acid test, perhaps replaced by more realistic and more conducive ones.

What you’ll find for yourself: balance between tension and relaxation, essential stress reduction, a body-friendly way of working and successful and effective communication.

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You expect a new position and want to be safe in the appearance, in dealing with employees and supervisors? You would like to develop your systemic approach and have yourself holistically equipped for your secure communication? Get to know effective and economizing tools of leadership in the individual training.

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Safe appearance in the business and personnel area is the basis of every success. Get to know your ability to resonate, become safe and present through this experience – for yourself and others. Discover simple ways to relax, become communicative in the process-oriented individual training. 

“Without body no mind”. Dalai Lama

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Leadership and personality are two closely interlinked areas that need to be understood and maintained at the same time. Experience an inspiring coaching, whether you are motivated for business or privately and develop yourself in the long term. Increase your well-being and your productivity. Create a good inner basis for your physical health.


  • Process-oriented coaching in one-to-one training sessions: 2 times a month 75 minutes – approx. 15-20 hours in total
  • Intensive training package – workshops in individual work
  • Business micro-training: From Jan 2019 for 4-6 participants, each 2 x 5h incl. break – Base and advanced level, in the Sprachpunkt an inhouse
  • A small “Body-Breath Voice” training course for privately interested individuals, also with a professional background – from 17.1.2019 on for 4 participants, 2 x 75 min. Each month – Thu 18: 30-19: 45

Business Communication Trainings Basis und Aufbau

Free Body – Free Breath – Free Voice


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