Holistic methodology

Change requires awareness

The methods are tailored to the needs and personality of the participants. They are loosely embedded in the counseling or training events, have their basis in humanistic psychology and are always up to date with the respective discipline through continuous training on the part of the trainer.

On the one hand there is the professionalization of the participants and equipment with new competence in action and communication security, on the other hand a fundamental deepening of the self-perception and promotion of the general awareness, which is the basis for any professionalization.

The conception of my coaching and further education offers is the result of my studies and further education time, it is growing and lively and is formed with the participants and requirements each new.

Methods – Selection

  • Systemic advice
  • Gestalt Counseling
  • Job / Profile Coaching
  • Voice and Speech Coaching
  • Functional Voice Training
  • Improvisation Techniques
  • Body and movement observation, Alexander technique, body alignment, improvisation, deep breathing, relaxation techniques

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