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Leadership Development

Executive coaching at the leadership level for sustainable equipment in due time

Leadership development is a challenging process that involves multiple levels. Thus, first the personality, attitude of the participant is to be understood, it is to be worked on individual issues, always relevant leadership knowledge is gradually to be communicated in a holistic way and the communication as a leader is to be discussed. At this point it is about a lot of self-experience and getting to know new ways of expression, self-guidance and effective leadership of others.

The holistic approach guarantees the sustainability of success.

In order to become an executive, an organic, holistic process is necessary, which is actively shaped by the participants themselves. In-house activity is needed to accommodate the new leadership tools.

Do you want to develop and change in a holistic and therefore sustainable way, do you want to increase your communicative effectiveness? Do you want to do more according to your personality? Do you want a powerful yet sensitive appearance? Would you like to change the employee contact and redesign? Do you need more negotiating skills?

Then I’m happy to introduce you to my executive coaching. Get to know interesting methods, experience an individual inspiring coaching and educate yourself in an individual way in an exciting way. The process I manage, you as a coachee remain completely self-determined! It works transparently with whiteboard and “graphic recording”, deepened illustrated material is sent between the units.


To be authentic at the leadership level means for me to be credible and reliable for others, to be there in a linguistic sense according to one’s own personality and language. Here, we can ask ourselves, for example, which is the preferred speech position, which posture gives strength in communication situations, but also, which breath allows us to stay connected with our body in action – without controlling or forcing it?

An adaptable, courageous, even idiosyncratic, yet calm way of managing is unique and thus it remains interesting!

What it is about


Consistent and effective communication . Perception increase . Powerful authentic leadership . Maintain your own good leadership style - be true to yourself . Assertiveness and negotiating security High level of emotional intelligence . Inner Balance . Suitable stress management.