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Aspiring executives who come to me sometimes find themselves insecure in dealing with team members and supervisors, as well as customers, are more reluctant to type and desire to build new communication patterns. They want to be more communicatively confident and learn to distance themselves adequately, to delegate where necessary. They serve an inhomogeneous structure of requirements on the part of the team on the one hand and the customer on the other hand. Sometimes they feel like “between the chairs” and are slowed down by their strength and productivity.

“Leading others requires self-guidance.” What does this mean?

Self-management means self-regulation and this in turn means self-regulation and regulation. The following aspects are worth exploring in this context:

  • Identity and self-image – Which world and human image underlies my leadership? How would I describe my vision as a leader? How do I want to be seen by others? Where are my own limitations? Can I accept this? How do I deal with the limitations of others?
  • Values ​​and Belief Systems – What are my values ​​as a leader, what beliefs do I follow, what guiding ideas do I have for myself as a leader? Are there any ideas that particularly support me and others that hinder me?
  • Skills – What are my strengths and qualities? What do I want to reinforce here, what might change or enrich?
    Behavior – Does my lifestyle and relationships contribute to my career success? Or are there areas where I invest too much energy?

The degree of self-knowledge and clarity in these questions determines whether others let us lead or not. Only those who are aware of their identity and their shadows and who communicate this transparently without becoming too open through appropriate communication can become role models.

Leadership development is a challenging process that involves multiple levels. Thus, the personality, attitude and attitude of the participant are addressed and individual issues are worked on, piece by piece, relevant knowledge for leadership is conveyed and communication is strengthened. It is about unconditional self-awareness and getting to know new ways of expression, self-guidance and effective synergetic leadership of others.

It’s about an organic process that requires self-activity so the tools can be picked up and processed.

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A selection

  • Trainer input
  • Profile coaching
  • Systemic reflection on current scenarios
  • Holistic voice-language coaching
  • Imparting management-relevant skills
  • Safe sale & presentation
  • Safe body language
  • Promote commitment through appropriate communication and behavioral skills
  • Introduction to synergetic leadership
  • A safe handling of various conflict situations in the daily business
  • Ideas and skills for good leadership and communication in stressful times
  • Foundations and tools of “synergetic leadership”
  • The experience and idea of a powerful, inner basis through a contented and relaxed attitude – mentally as well as physically
  • A broad, practical knowledge of the human body, relaxation paths and increased well-being
  • Good stress management – preventive and emergency

The coaching takes place in the linguistic Frankfurt and additionally in the context of on-the-job-support in the company Inhouse in Frankfurt / Frankfurt. Coaching via Skype is also possible.

Depending on the problem, customers need 15-20 hours, the fee for individual coaching is 200-300 € / h net. Company prices possibly different. The offer is made after first contact by phone or on-site appointment.

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