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A good business coaching is always an individual process and its success is decisively influenced by the personality of the coach as well as by the internal structure of the coachee. Through an emotionally stimulating (limbic system*) and confidence-building coaching, the coachee soon achieves success and sustained posture changes, experiences a new breathing and overall a new way of “being” and presence in the job.

The coaching is holistic and systemic oriented, openness for this approach is required.

*”The limbic system supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction. Emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system, and it has a great deal to do with the formation of memories.”

Lydia Kliche is specialized in the topics Personality, Appearance, Impact, Charisma and Assertiveness.

The target group of business coaching are executives, specialists, self-employed and junior executives.

After a preliminary telephone conversation, the goals and the necessary time frame at the beginning of the work are outlined in a first introductory appointment in the Sprachpunkt Frankfurt in Frankfurt-Bockenheim. The methods, which are demand-oriented and individually applied, come from

  • Humanistic psychology
  • Tiefenpsychologie
  • Gestalt work
  • Systemic work
  • Voice training
  • Improvisation
  • Breathing Work
  • Body work 
  • Energy work (body-oriented)


In the business coaching with systemic orientation, holistic approach and the focus on voice, language, body and expression you have the opportunity to freely contribute your individual questions. These are viewed together without jugdement and find attention in a variety of ways, so that you will eventually have soon a new communication repertoire, a congruent body language, as well as an open and constructive mindset at your disposal.

  • Professional support and holistic support at all levels
  • The support and equipment for management tasks and the reorientation with individual tools
  • The promotion and stabilization in the areas of strategy, conflict and stress in the professional environment
  • The development of a content and relaxed attitude as a basis

  • Recognizing and solving personal development issues that are in contact with each other professionally as well as non-professionally
  • The exploration and weighting of conflict issues between the coachee and third parties – here: reference to voice, language and communication – find the good, situationally independent language self
  • Motivation, reinforcement, development / further development of visions
  • The confrontation with one’s own demands on oneself
  • The experience of appreciation of one’s own abilities and resources
  • The experience and understanding of active listening
  • A good balance between tension and relaxation
  • The development of a good working self in terms of the best possible and stable performance
  • Preventing time constraints through early prioritization and delegation
  • The topic of “working hygiene” in the sense of reducing stress and promoting a body-friendly way of working throughout the day as a great resource


Finding a sovereign communication is an exciting journey. Old views and attitudes must sometimes be questioned and revised. Thus, the perspective of the other is re-experienced and this can soon be better appreciated, a perhaps supercritical view of oneself and his expression finally gives way to a more benevolent attitude, from which the other feels something through a changed appropriate wording and a calm, clear vocal sound.


I offer a first free conversation on the phone to talk about your ideas and aims. Please arrange this phonecall via email and you’ll get instantly an offer. Thank you!