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Consulting – 1: 1 Coaching – Trainings for small groups – Accurate Accompaniment

Are you leading a company and want to meaningfully invest your resources (time, finances) in your employees and not waste them? Then I invite you to let the following questions sink in and get in touch with me, if you want to experience holistic systemic answers and get to know new, individual counseling routes.

  • How do you as a member of the management assess the leadership skills in your company?
  • Where is a specific support required, what do the executives tell you in 360 degree talks, what are their topics apart from professional growth or stagnation?
  • How are the individual teams doing? Is there bullying or singling noticeable?
  • Change can not be prescribed. Not everyone has to be educated, or can. To always have to “change” can cause great stress in the employee and he wonders if he can even breathe. Do you notice the corresponding? Are individual employees overstrained or is there a structural drop in motivation? The energy budget of an employee unconsciously affects the next employees. It’s about an overall shape, which has to be kept in mind.
  • Do your leaders stay strong and well balanced and healthy, or do they quietly say goodbyeto tasks and withdraw, become ill?
  • Are they proactive and involved / creative or are they missing leadership-relevant aspects?
  • Moreover, do your leaders empathize with the changes in your business and lead others agile and flexible? Always everything “agile”? May there be withdrawal?

Do not let offers run into the void

Leadership coaching in an individual setting is efficient in the long run. Here, the richness of the equipment is the guarantor. Topics found in group training therefore require grounding and fertile ground in an individual, tailored setting. Here the participant opens and contributes individually. Change becomes possible.

A networked consultation ensures that the offers intended by the company arrive at the employees.

The consulting services from my forge want to equip in the long term and are therefore tailor-made to the individual and shape of each small group – the workshops, seminars and advice units want to be remembered, used and further developed!

Book a consultation and we talk about your goals.

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