Consulting Services


Enable good communication and further development in your company

Consulting services for companies addressed to
decision makers, HR and the training sector

  • How do you assess the leadership competence and communication in your company with regard to communication on the part of the employees?
  • Is individual support required? What is learned in this respect from the employees e.g. in 360-degree talks, what are their topics?
  • How good is the condition of the employees and individual teams? Is bullying or are singling tendencies recognizable? Are there often failures / overloading of individual employees or bad mood among each other?
  • Which preventive offers are there with regard to stress management? Does your companies have a network of health prophylaxis on the job?
  • Are resort meetings getting out of hand, because too many minor issues are discussed?

I would be glad to get in contact with you as a counselor, communication trainer and job-coach to provide you professionally with systemically aligned and holistic advice on these and other issues and work out with you a strategy for the next steps towards change.