Professionals English

Holistic English Coaching for Professionals – Frankfurt am Main/RheinMain

Business-Coach Lydia Kliche

Communication Coach Lydia Kliche is specialized in the topics

Language, Free speech, Negotiation, Presentation, Appearance and Effect.

An effective language coaching lives by a vivid exchange on the basis and with the help of current learning-stimulating and language-deepening media. This coaching provides you with lasting and accurate equipment in a few months, so that you will be ready for speaking English effectively and appropriate in

  • Meetings
  • T-Calls
  • Presentations
  • Customer contact
  • Coachings
  • Job interviews, e.g.

The coachee will soon achieve success thanks to the affectively stimulating and lively coaching! 

The target group of the professional English Coaching in individual trainings are german executives, specialists, self-employed persons and junior executives. Or other native speakers with a very good english basis who want to improve their english speaking skills, at least Level B1/B2 and higher.


This offer provides you with an expanded language coaching! Besides the pure knowledge transfer it rather refers to the main aspects of communication:

  • Voice
  • Facial expressions
  • Gestures
  • Attitude / Posture
  • Breathing
  • Appearance
  • e.g.

And why? My experience in coachings such as Business Coaching, English Coaching and Voice and Speech Coaching since more than 11 years has shown me that much more than just words come across the other. It’s the whole package – that’s why I work with my clients on all these relevant aspects.

Please visit English Business Coaching for getting a better idea! This English Coaching includes a small share of the holistic and systemic English Business Coaching with the focus on development.

  • Expressing a difficult topic in a short time – and the techniques this requires
  • Easily learning new job-related vocabulary – get some fresh strategies
  • Successfully joining group-discussions and the phrases you need therefore
  • Feeling comfortable while talking English – also in stressy situations
  • Becoming a self-confident rhetorical speaker – in meetings, presentations and informal conversations
  • Learning how to give interesting speeches – and being prepared for every possible question that might come up 

  • Reading, listening and understanding, asking, discussing, dialogues and roleplays
  • Voice relaxation and pronounciation improvement
  • Expressing thoughts, creating ideas spontaneously
  • Working with internetbased material – individually researched:
    Podcasts, Transcripts, Short-Stories, Poetry
  • Learning easily vocabulary and proverbs
  • Visualizing, quizzing and laughing :D