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“It’s the whole package” – that’s why I include body, voicing, psychological aspects and motivation in this language coaching.

The target group of the Professional English in individual trainings are german executives, specialists, self-employed persons and junior executives. Or other native speakers with a very good english basis who want to improve their english speaking skills, at least Level B1/B2 and higher. 

  • Expressing a difficult topic in a short time
  • Easily learning new job-related vocabulary
  • Successfully joining group discussions
  • Feeling comfortably when speaking english, also in stressy situations
  • Becoming a self-confident rhetorical speaker in meetings, presentations and informal conversations
  • Experience a long-lasting deepening and refinement of language skills

You need some time to build a new habit in speaking. Good knowledge of English promotes the entry into this holistic language coaching. You need time between the units to apply your language knowledge and to deepen your own knowledge. This is how we learn at best and long term.

  • Dialogue and reading exercises
    role playing
  • Vocal coaching
  • Pronunciation improvement
  • Grammar deepening or refresher
  • Work on facial expressions and body language

General: promotion of free speech

To make it a long-lasting change and development this language-refining coaching offer provides the custormers with an expanded language and speech coaching! Apart from the pure knowledge transfer it  refers to the main aspects of communication like:

  • Voicing
  • Non-Verbal Communication 
  • Breathingpatterns
  • Body Alignment (bodily erection)

If you are looking for voice coaching in connection with business aspects, read on here:

Presentation coaching
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The language coaching takes place in the context of 5-15 hours extra-occupationally, preparatory also in intensive dates. The offer is made after the preliminary talk. Just call for more information.

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